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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stand up for women by telling Senator Phil Leventis to sit down today!

Palladian View


A Troglodyte. It sounds like some fearsome, ancient beast, gone extinct millions of years ago. What it really means is a person with outmoded, caveman-like views.

One would hope those are extinct too, but unfortunately a troglodyte is alive and well in the South Carolina Senate, and his name is Senator Phil Leventis. He filibustered for three hours yesterday against confirming Catherine Templeton to lead DHEC, and has begun already again today.

As we’ve discussed many times, Catherine is extraordinarily qualified to lead DHEC. Some, like Leventis, are simply targeting her because she is a conservative woman. It’s played out time and time again in our state, when a conservative woman stands, people like Leventis are there to tell them to sit back down.

Senator Leventis, YOU are the one who needs to SIT DOWN and let this confirmation proceed.

Call Senator Leventis today, and tell him to SIT DOWN. You can reach him at 803-212-6000 or 803-469-2047. You may also email him at

Stand up for women by telling Senator Phil Leventis to sit down today!


  1. I would like to begin with saying am I a woman, I work for DHEC and I am a Tea Party Member. Keeping this in mind, I am ashamed that a so called conservative page would post such a liberal styled attack on a Senator. I could understand if what he was saying was a lie, or if he would be was doing this to directly gain an advantage. Instead, if you read the comments left on the State News Paper, he seems to represent the common feel of the public. The same public who voted for a republican controlled government. I can admit when I am not qualified and I do not expect special treatment because I am a woman. I am not a liberal, I would appreciate you not making it look like conservative women need to be treated any differently. Check your facts this is not a partisan situation.

  2. With all due respect to Templeton, can you really start "trimming" the fat, as she is supposed be doing, by starting with a request for a raise of $30K over your predecssor with the caveat that you refuse to show up for work at headquarters?

    What type of CEO or head administrator does that? Man or woman...I do not think this is a feminist or gender based issue. In Leventis' all too common filibusters, women don't seem to be the target. This post is over the top, and likley inaccurate. It's the same thing people get mad about "playing the race card" to get what you want type politics - when race has nothing to do with it.