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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Petition: Support Sheriff Joe’s ‘Cold Case’ posse as they vet Obama’s eligibility to be on Arizona’s 2012 ballot

PatriotActionNetworkFebruary 13th, 2012

A special note from Darla Dawald                                  

Dear Patriot Action Team Member,

Last week I had the honor of delivering your signatures of support to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Sheriff Arpaio was very pleased with the support of Americans from al over the country. He asked me to pass along his gratitude to you all.

See the video here

Last Friday Sheriff Joe called my cell phone and relayed the following message in the Grassfire Update. Please take a moment and read, then act if you haven't yet signed. If you have we thank you and would ask you to go a step further and please help us to obtain more signatures for Sheriff Joe before Thursday noon. We need your help and Sheriff Arpaio will be elated if we can add to our delivery petition numbers before the petitions are delivered on Friday to the Department of Justice.

Keep Standing,

Darla Dawald, National Director

See the following message from Steve Elliott:


From the desk of:
                                    Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriot,

We just heard from Sheriff Joe, who told us he received a call from his "friends" at the Department of Justice and they weren't happy.

They told Joe that they were not pleased that he posted an update and photos from our petition delivery to his office demonstrating widespread grassroots support for the Sheriff's lawful actions to uphold the law.

The DOJ basically tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking down any mention of the petition delivery!

So Obama's Justice Department is now bullying Sheriff Joe because of a citizen petition that condems DOJ's bullying attacks against the Sheriff!

Only in Obama's world!

Well, Sheriff Joe told us he's not backing down. And neither are we. Later this week, we will deliver these same petitions directly to the DOJ and key leaders in Congress. But we need your help.

+ + Let's Tell DOJ To Stop It's Bullying Attacks!

Patriot, it is outrageous that the Department of Justice would stoop so low as to bully a county Sheriff because of a citizen petition. But this is just like the Obama administration. It's classic "Chicago politics." Right and wrong do not matter with these people -- just the raw exercise of power and threats against citizens.

Grassfire Nation will be delivering these petitions again THIS FRIDAY -- this time directly to DOJ and key members of Congress.

Please go here now to sign the petition and be included in the delivery to DOJ this Friday:

I must hear from you by NOON THURSDAY to include you in this important delivery.

Thanks for taking action!

Steve Elliott
                                    Grassfire Nation

P.S. When we were handing the petitions to Sheriff Joe, he wondered aloud if we could deliver "another 100,000" to the DOJ. Would you consider moving us one petition closer by going here:

Then Please post this link on Facebook and all your social networks!

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