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Friday, February 3, 2012

Job growth ‘surges’? No, the labor force shrunk, i.e., they just stopped counting 1.2 million people

The media gears up for Obama’s reelection, they don’t do any research on these numbers, there’s no mention of the promise not to exceed 8 percent. They don’t mention that he’s spent $5 trillion for this meager result even if it was accurate.

This is like a patient’s temperature dropping from 106 to 105 after a dozen major surgeries and massive injections of medicines. I doubt any self respecting doctor would tout that as great news unless the goal was the patients death.

This number can’t be accurate considering all the ‘green energy’ companies going bankrupt and companies announcing layoffs, so how can the unemployment rate go down?

Even if the number was accurate it’s above 8%…but it’s far from accurate, read below the lines. The numbers have been severely doctored!

What they’ve done to make the figures say what they want them to say is to manipulate the reporting data.

Job growth surges, jobless rate drops to 8.3 percent

The wicked witch of the West gets a peck from the ‘destroyer’.

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