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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did ‘climategate’ kill AlGore’s goose that laid the golden egg?

Well it looks like the Europeans are unable to keep whipping this dead horse. How sane people ever bought into this is a mystery in the first order. Paying someone in order to ‘pollute’ the atmosphere.

AlGore is surely an idiot savant, he made millions on this idiotic idea in it’s heyday.

Warning over “Dead” EU Carbon market

Europe’s largest employers’ group has warned against meddling in the carbon market to prop up sagging prices, just a day after one of the continent’s top energy executives declared the market “dead” and demanded urgent intervention to save it.

In a letter to parliament released on Wednesday, Philippe de Buck, president of BusinessEurope, warned that moves to withdraw carbon permits from the market to bolster prices “would, if implemented, create further uncertainty and price volatility, and establish a risky precedent of rapid political interference in the market”.

Johannes Teyssen, chief executive of Germany’s EON, urged policymakers to make fixes. “Let’s talk real: the ETS is bust, it’s dead,” Mr Teyssen said in Brussels this week, adding: “I don’t know a single person in the world that would invest a dime based on ETS signals.”

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