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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All hope is lost, almost! Say hello to UN Agenda 21 and the Codex Alimentarius, etc.

Note: I usually post links to news articles but I decided to post what I was feeling today.

I’ve been posting news reports about what is happening to America and the world at large for around four years with the hope that I could, along with the others trying to sound the alarm, turn things around and stop our decline into the slavery of the communism of the globalists bankster’s UN Agenda 21 and the Codex Alimentarius, etc..

Cloward-PivenchartI’ve seen things continue to get worse and worse despite all the websites and newsletters, blogs, radio show hosts, and Fox News (our great hope turned out to be a great hoax, they are not what we thought) trying to wake the public up.

I thought maybe the Tea Party movement could stem the tide but the globalists have too much control. We have no ally, everything else is controlled by them and yes that includes the Republican party. They don’t have to control everyone in a group so long as they control the leadership (RINO’s) and can bribe or blackmail enough of the rest.

The media controls what most people think by the way they don’t report news they don’t want you to know and slant the news they do want you to know to fit whatever the ruling class wants them to think. We think we can change it with elections but the media chooses our candidates by destroying those who they don’t control and favorably covering those they do control.

Did you know that Obama failed to appear in a Georgia court case recently. The reason you don’t know it (you probably do because you don’t depend on the mainstream media) is that no one reported it. Was it in the NYT, on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.? I’m not a hundred percent sure of this because I don’t use them but I just Googled Obama + Georgia and looked through the 1st 5 pages of results and not one major media article showed up! 

We let them take God out of our schools, out of our government, and we ourselves put him out of our homes. We have our sports, our sitcoms, our soaps, our dramas, our thrillers, our x-Boxes, our iPhones, our Facebook, our Doom, our Google, and our multitude of other things.

At the same time our government turned a blind eye to the masses of people crossing our borders who didn’t share our values and our culture. That’s not correct, the government didn’t turn a blind eye, they encouraged them! While our people inside our borders languished spiritually a flood of illegals further diluted our Christian values. 

I was hoping that we could get the word out to enough people and open their eyes to what is happening that we could stop it. The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave would surely rise up and take back our republic.

I’ve come to realize that we are no longer The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave. Those days are gone! We have lost our way, we no longer have the moral underpinnings of past generations.CommunistNetwork

I no longer believe we can stop the globalists that rule the world. It would be so easy if we could wake up. They are so few and we are so many that we could rout them in an hour, but they’ve gained control of just about everything. And there is no sign that we are waking up.

It doesn’t matter that their schemes for controlling us are exposed as hoaxes, i.e., global warming, they continue on as though nothings changed and with our Republican leaders owned by them as is virtually all media outlets there is no uproar, no investigation, no arrest for fraud, no change. The same with the illegal alien in the White House with the stolen social security number and forged birth certificate and the failure to appear for a court case.    

The only thing that can save us is a spiritual revival. We were founded by God fearing men and women and were a Christian nation until recently. Not Christian by dictate but most of the Citizens were God fearing Christians. Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty! 2 Cor 3:17. I don’t think you can say that The Spirit of The LORD is here today!

Unless we do have a spiritual revival, expect to live where the government tells you to live, eat what the government tells you to eat, let the government tell you how to raise your children, let the government tell you how much of your money you can keep, let the government tell you what kind of healthcare you receive, let the government tell you what light bulb to use, etc., etc., etc., or expect a visit to a FEMA camp near a rail road track nearby an airport, or worse.

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