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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sign the petition to help Sheriff Joe fight back against Marxist Assault

Sheriff Joe fighting back against Leftist Assault

                    Grassfire Nation Update

                    According to a just released Fox News report, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff” is living up to his billing by digging in his heals and fighting back against the U.S. Department of Justice ...

                    Sheriff Joe, the report indicates, has “filed an appeal to a federal ruling that his office profiles Latinos and bases immigration enforcement on racially charged citizen complaints.”

You may also recall from our earlier updates, that Arpaio has repeatedly asked the DOJ for clarification into the charges against he and his staff -- clarification that the DOJ has yet to provide.

                    Arpaio has also been very outspoken in accusing the DOJ of a politically motivated assault against his department because the Obama administration is courting the Latino vote. Arpaio alleges his commitment to law enforcement is getting in their way of getting votes.

                    Even worse, the DOJ has stripped Arpaio’s officers of their Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) credentials -- further eroding law enforcement capabilities and putting millions of American citizens at risk!

                    Although no surprise, the fact that the Obama administration and the DOJ would put Americans at risk for the purpose of appealing to Latino voters is utterly offensive.

                    Tommy, this isn’t an Arizona problem.

                    This is an America problem!

                    + + “I’m Standing With Sheriff Joe!”

Americans from coast-to-coast and everywhere in between should be outraged by this administration’s behavior and actions towards Sheriff Arpaio and his dedicated team of law enforcement officials.

                    That’s why Grassfire Nation got involved -- to give citizens a grassroots platform with which to react to this baseless assault that could seriously impact us all!

                    Since launching our national “Support Sheriff Joe” letter initiative, we’ve rallied 0 citizens who have quickly stepped up to show their solidarity for Arpaio and his staff.

                    This is a strong start, but we must amass at least 50,000 signatures of support over the next several days so that we are ready to quickly respond.

Please take a moment to stand with Sheriff Joe by clicking here:

                   Signing today will give Grassfire Nation permission to represent you when we hand-deliver letters directly to the Department of Justice, key members of Congress demanding an end to this witch-hunt against the Sheriff.

                    Again, click here so that we may count you in these important upcoming deliveries:

                    After signing, be sure to alert your friends and family members. Encourage them to stand with you in support of Sheriff Joe who is standing strong amidst increasing pressure -- from an Obama-controlled media that are misleading the public in an attempt to destroy the conservative lawman.

                    Answer back right now by signing below and alerting your friends -- urging them to click here to join you:

                    Thank you for turning to Grassfire Nation!

                    Grassfire Nation

                    P.S. Don’t allow the Obama administration to silence conservatives like Sheriff Joe! Click here now and pre-order your copy of Grassfire Nation’s “2012 Tea Party Survival Guide.” This amazing 144-page resource gives you the blueprint to survive and thrive during this critical election year. Click here now to reserve your copy:

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