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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shadow government hasn’t given up on the bird-flu depopulation plan

Get ready for the return of the bird-flu super hype as the 2012 election nears. I’ve notice stories about bird-flu on the rise. Flu season starts right around election time right? Martial law would stop the election right?

There’s even a story about scientist creating a version of the flu in the laboratory that is easily transmissible from birds to humans.

If you recall, as I do, there were stories in 2007/2008 about plans for the government to declare martial law and mandate that everyone receive bird-flu vaccinations. Obama even declared a state of emergency as the WHO issued it’s highest level of threat (pandemic) concerning the bird-flu.

There were reports of Guard units being trained on how to cordon off areas for quarantine and set up roadblock checkpoints to check the populace and administer the shots or quarantine citizens refusing the shots.

There was massive public resistance with millions declaring on social media sites and public gatherings that they would not take the shots, even groups of healthcare givers, EMS workers, doctors and nurses.  So much so that I believe they had to postpone their nefarious plans.

Don’t think for a minute that they forsook the plan though…

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Bird-Flu Deaths Rise...

New bird flu deaths, as influenza research debate continues

... is a reminder of recent worries that bird flu may be able to mutate so that it is able to pass from human to human through the air, in the droplets ...

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A toddler whose brother died of bird flu while being taken to hospital earlier this month become the country's second casualty of the deadly virus this year ...

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Bioterrorism: One flu over the New York Times

The data in question describes a procedure that makes the avian flu virus (H5N1) transmissible through the air and therefore much more contagious. ...

VillageSoup Belfast

The Global Note: Cruise Disaster…US & Iran…Bird Flu…Tennis Tantrum

Less than a month after a bus driver in China died from the bird flu, two new deaths have been recorded – one each in Vietnam and Cambodia. ...

Bird flu research dangers: Experts weigh in

In nature, bird flu kills more than half of the humans it infects -- but it's very hard to catch. So when two research teams -- one led by Ron Fouchier of ...

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