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Friday, January 20, 2012


The Criminal–in-Chief kills the Keystone pipeline project which would have created 20,000+ jobs and then gives 25 million of our dollars to create 38 renewable energy jobs.

Where is the outrage from people that could do something about it? I’m outraged but what can I do. There are people in power who could do something.

The fact that he hasn’t been stopped tells me that those in power don’t want him stopped! When Democrats have been firmly in charge they’ve had investigations left and right of Republicans but it’s a rarity for Republicans to investigate Democrat wrong doing.

That tells me a lot! It’s not that Republicans are wimps or are inept, it’s that they (at the leadership level) are in on it!!!

Obama Administration Says No to Oil, Yes to Biofuels

By Susan Jones
January 20, 2012

( - Two days after President Barack Obama blocked construction of a major oil pipeline, his administration is touting its efforts to expand domestic production of renewable energy.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Friday that his agency has approved a $25-million conditional loan guarantee to build a 55,000-square-foot biorefinery plant in Iowa.

The Fiberight facility will produce cellulosic ethanol by converting municipal solid waste and other industrial pulps into "advanced biofuels," the news release said.

The project is expected to create 38 jobs and save 16 jobs. By contrast, expansion of the Canada-Texas Keystone XL pipeline would create thousands of jobs; some estimates say as many as 20,000.

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