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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Iowa vote fraud official, Paul was robbed to pay Peter, or Mitt, or Rick

Iowa vote fraud official

Jeffrey Phelps, Denver Conspiracy Examiner

It’s official, or is it? Once again the establishment is showing it’s cards in an obvious attempt to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination, as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus.

The official Caucus website, in conjunction with the Des Moines Register, had to come forward Thursday to claim the official results can “never be certified” after 8 different precincts turn up invalid results due to “missing votes” and changing stories.

For the first time in history, the Iowa GOP decided to change the final vote count to a “Secret location” for what was claimed to be “security concerns.” The unprecedented change in venue came as a shock to most Iowans who are used to seeing the final results tallied at State Party Headquarters in Des Moines, in full view of the public.

This time, however, instead of business as usual, all of the final results were to be counted at an undisclosed location, completely hidden from public scrutiny, the seemingly ‘new’ business as usual.

What played out as a result was a mockery of democracy as Iowa election officials permanently skewed the results of the caucus, illegally miscounting and completely dismissing votes for Ron Paul, many of which were ironically from precincts that Romney lost in ’08.

Other missing or “uncounted” votes were expected to be heavy Ron Paul supporting, major populated areas and college town precincts, now leaving the true winner forever in question.

Originally, the results had Romney winning by 8 votes over Santorum with 30,015 votes. Now the establishment’s media claims new ‘official’ results show Santorum winning by 34 votes over Romney with 29,839 votes, but oddly 168 votes fewer than the ‘official’ total he was previously given, 30,007.

Additionally, Iowa’s establishment politicians now say 121,503 people voted overall, strangely down from the 122,255 it had originally reported. This could be due to new official results not including the 8 precincts that showed skewed results in the new final totals, but the truth may never be fully understood.

As if that’s not odd enough, hidden within all the commotion, even though many votes were missing, uncounted, and changed, including the official result totals for both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, no mention at all has been given to the new total Ron Paul should now have and if his votes were also miscounted or left out like the two ‘front-runners” votes were reported to have been. Especially considering how close Ron Paul came to winning, one would think his totals would be just as important to review as well.

The Ron Paul camp, as usual, has downplayed the situation for fear of being an easy target and giving the establishment an excuse to label him and his supporters conspiracy "theorists," a very common tactic used by the establishment and it's media throughout Paul’s career. Instead, he’s tried to remain humble and look at the bright side in saying, "a strong third is still pretty good and still sends a message to the establishment and the American people."

However, as was pointed out on CNN Thursday, even if the new results are legitimate, “It’s hard to take back that initial surge given to Romney. It’s hard to overcome the amount of hype and exposure he received as the evening progressed.” It was treated as a monumental moment as he was declared the winner, while his party and constituents celebrated in great joy…All while questionable results trickled in.

If the actual winner was to have been Ron Paul, should the votes have been counted fairly, the results would have likely been unprecedented momentum for the Ron Paul campaign, which would have likely been impossible for the other candidates to overcome, especially considering Ron Paul’s overall success, despite the constant barrage of negative and totally unfair coverage, if and when he gets coverage at all.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the circumstances, when it’s all said and done, is the repeating pattern of open censorship and total demonization toward Ron Paul’s campaign by the media. He’s always referred to as “unelectable, racist, or dangerous,” or any number of attacks, while generally making a mockery of his ideals and supporters, even though his anti-war, pro-civil liberty, limited-constitutional government, and sound economic policies are all very popular in general with the American people.

What people are most impressed with, when it comes to Ron Paul, when people are actually given the chance to find who he really is and what he really stands for, are things like realizing he’s held those exact same ideals and shows a perfectly aligned voting record to go along with those ideals since he started in government over 40 years ago. Something the other candidates couldn’t even fathom with all the criminal activity and flip-flopping on the issues many of them have done, routinely throughout their careers.

Even Active military troops feel Ron Paul is the best candidate for America. For the second White House bid in a row, active military personnel give double the amount of organic campaign contributions to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined, including Obama’s totals as well. Rendering the war-mongering, establishment's multi-party line that Ron Paul's foreign policy ideals are "dangerous, " when even the military overwhelmingly agrees with Paul.

Nonetheless, the totally bias media is constantly using suggestive terms like, “he can’t win,” or, “he won’t win,” as if they are the ones who decide what the people are supposed to think about the candidates.

Frighteningly, it’s commonplace to witness the open attempt to sway public opinion in favor of the candidates with pro-war and pro-establishment views, despite the fact that Ron Paul has scored very high or first in almost every independent political poll since his second White House bid in 2007, while establishment funded polls always strangely show Paul in second, third, or even more oddly, yet just as commonly, not being included in the poll at all.

This, despite that fact that he’s always the landslide victor in almost every internet poll he’s been in, including post-debate analysis for every debate since the 2012 GOP nomination race began, both on TV and on almost all internet polling analysis.

As another perfect example, the censorship and the overall attempt to limit Ron Paul’s ability to get his message out to the American people became so bad during the SC GOP Debate Thursday night, the crowd actually began to take notice, and at one point all started demanding that he be allowed to participate, and forced CNN’s debate host to allow Ron Paul to answer the same question the other three candidates were allowed to answer. Excluding and ignoring Paul was, and has been a common theme throughout both the ’08 and the ’12 GOP nomination races, during every single debate since the very beginning.

One of the reasons for a general establishment disdain for the strict Libertarian is because he’s has always been a real thorn in the establishment’s side, going back as far as his first run for President in ’88 when he exposed CIA drug running on local Texas TV. Now he’s doing it on the national stage, and although he’s wisely being a lot more politically correct in front of a national audience, the establishment still doesn’t like him now, seemingly more than ever.

Another perfect example of his continual fight against a totally over-reaching, big-government establishment, Paul was the only one of the remaining candidates to take a detour from the campaign trail this week to introduce legislation in the Congress to strip unconstitutional provisions from the tyrannical NDAA bill that has garnered so much attention as of late. The same bill that, pro-establishment candidate, Mitt Romney supported during a recent national debate, admitting he would have voted for it as well.

Ron Paul’s son, Tea Party favorite, Kentucky State Senator, Rand Paul has also been instrumental in fighting for liberty against pro-establishment, pro-status quo politicians, recently vowing to block un-American additions to the internet-freedom-killing SOPA and PIPA bills that were addressed in the final SC GOP debate on Thursday evening. Freedom-killing legislation that pro-establishment candidate, Rick Santorum had trouble denouncing with the others on the same debate stage.

Coming into the Iowa Caucuses, however, most establishment pundits were so nervous over the thought of a Paul win they were rendering the Iowa caucus discredited before they even happened, some suggesting simply ignoring the results all-together. That is, until Romney or Santorum "won," and then the Iowa caucuses magically became so legitimate the establishment pundits were practically handing the nomination to Romney, even though we still had 49 states left to primary.

Bringing us to the evening of the Iowa Caucus itself, where early exit polls had Paul in first place, which included an Anderson Cooper jolting Paul win in the first couple official precincts reported.

As the evening progressed, the leaders went back and forth like a jumbo-tron race during halftime, with the first two hours of results seeing no clear leader, and a double digit amount of lead changes, despite Paul’s #1 live exit poll rankings, shown on every network.

All night long national news coverage analyzed the incoming numbers, showing Paul having a real shot, either leading or in a dead heat for much of the first part of the evening, with promising young voters and college student heavy precincts yet to be counted, something the pundits were claiming “looked very good for Paul” and had the other candidates, “very nervous,” according to live election coverage analysts.

As the night wore on, however, none of that seemed to matter. All pre-caucus polls showing Paul in first, or the live Iowa Caucus exit polls showing Paul winning, or the edge he was said to have because of the missing precincts that strangely never ended up being counted, all somehow ended up not having any effect or simply disappeared completely into a black hole.

After all this, what’s extremely frightening about the situation is that fact that neither the establishment and it’s media, nor is anyone in any policing agency doing anything about it, as if it’s no big deal that the official election results in the Iowa caucus was tampered with, rendering the results of the election forever compromised, potentially putting the future of the caucus and elections processes, this nation, and Ron Paul’s call for liberty, freedom, and the rule of law in serious jeopardy.

Just as concerning to Ron Paul supporters and supporters of freedom and fairness in general, which may or may not be a majority of the country, although we obviously can’t be sure with the current national media that's in place, is the fact that precincts around the country that aren’t still using paper ballots, are now using electronic voting machines, also said to be even easier to manipulate, admitted under oath in court by an electronic voting machine software developer. In addition to a very shady Diebold upper management history, potentially rendering the entire election system a total hoax, which exists, as Judge Napolitano recently stated, “to merely perpetuate the fake, corporate controlled, ‘two-party’ system of political slavery.”

Under the circumstances, if no one does anything about it, and the people remain largely oblivious to the actaul magnitude of the circumstances, the only way Ron Paul and his supporters have any shot at getting the nomination, and thus swinging the preverbal political pendulum back toward the direction of freedom and liberty, is via total landslide victories in many of the remaining primaries. To the point that not even pro-establishment vote counters and jimmy-rigged Diebold voting machines and their unfairly manipulated software can overcome the sheer magnitude of votes, forcing the establishment's media to take notice, forcing it into public discussion.

At this point, that seems to be the only way.

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