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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bush legacy: A new world order

We were duped by the ‘ruling class’ Bushes.

A new world order is not conservative ideology.  Neither is nation building but we bought it because “conservative” presidents pushed it.

Real Americans would never accept a new world order that abrogates our sovereignty to it so America must be destroyed…that’s Obama’s job!

Are you prepared for the coming collapse? How do you plan to feed your family? When your dollar is worthless, and the government has confiscated your gold, how will you buy food?

I found a way to prepare for it now, I get my freeze dried survival foods with a 20 year shelf life at:


    You don’t have to buy a years worth at a time, you can build your reserves incrementally with auto-ship so you don’t have to make a big expenditure up front.

    Warn your friends so they can be prepared too, tell them about GoFoods !

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