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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another reason to elect Ron Paul, put reporters out of work!

Besides, Republicans were against ‘nation building’ until Bush, what changed our minds? Yes I said our, you see, I  was a fervent Bush supporter until the day he gave our wealth away to Goldman Sachs’s Hank Paulson right before the election.

In doing so he handed the Oval Office over to the illegal alien Barak Hussein Obama. No way the Republican candidate stood a China man’s chance after that.

I started to open my eyes after that and when I did I began to see how much of a big government ‘ruling class’ president he was. George W. Bush was the perfect president to setup and usher in the Soros puppet and vociferously anti-American Barak Hussein Obama!

Ron Paul is not of that ‘ruling class’, he will not keep America on a war footing to steal America’s wealth and give it to the ‘military industrial complex’, the international  bankers, the money masters of the world.


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