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Monday, December 5, 2011

Yes, Democrats and Republicans can agree on some things…to save our republic! Don’t tell the media!!!

Why We Democrats are Voting for Ron Paul

By Devorah

In 2008, we all joined hands, united under a single cause, set aside our petty differences, proved that America could look beyond color, and voted for Obama with the hope that things would change, with respect to corruption, transparency, spending, wars, and the role that big business has had in our government. We were quickly disappointed to see that he was just as quick to go to war, just as corrupted and just as much controlled by the corporate and global banking elite.

The more we looked into it, we came to the realization that the two parties – at the federal level – have become indistinguishable on such key issues as: war, out-of-control spending and borrowing, saving social security and medicare for those who are dependent upon it, devaluing our dollar, and being in the pockets of big-business and big-banking special interests.

Since we can’t expect Mr. Obama to hand his second term to Hillary Clinton or someone more qualified, we have made the conscious, deliberate choice to temporarily change our party affiliation and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and in the general election.


Look. Our country is speeding toward a financial calamity, unmatched in history. Our economy is on the verge of collapse due to out of control spending and borrowing, illegal, undeclared, unfunded wars, and an unholy alliance between big business and power-hungry government.

The Federal Reserve has – without your permission – printed trillions of dollars out of thin-air, and given them to foreign governments and offshore banks, bailing them out of their own poor decisions. This reckless increase in the money supply has eroded our dollar, shaken the world’s faith in the viability of our credit and our dollar, and we are now at risk of a total collapse in the value of the dollar.

Because the mainstream media, and both political parties – out of fear of causing a panic - are too scared to talk straight with the American people, we feel it necessary to paint you a clear picture of what we face if both political parties continue recklessly dragging us down this path. But please understand – this is not fear-mongering. It is truth, and it must be told, so that we can once again join hands, unite under a common cause, set aside our petty political differences, reverse this destructive course.

Since the US Dollar is currently the global currency for reserve and international trade, and based upon our research of existing examples in history, we can declare that – in light of the near-criminal money-printing practices of the Obama policies and of the Federal reserve – we have only two scenarios:

1. If our dollar collapses, the entire world will go with us, and we will all experience a material and sudden collapse in stock markets worldwide, starting a decades-long depression. Skyrocketing food and gas prices worldwide, food riots, civil wars, and a resurgence in ethno-nationalism, wars and geopolitical turmoil. There will be nowhere to run.


2. The rest of the world loses faith in the US dollar, and migrates to a new currency – or basket of currencies (which they are already moving toward) – to be used as the global currency or currencies of reserve and world trade. Resultantly, demand for the dollar plummets, with a surplus of dollars, and not enough of a market for it. America experiences a rapid and dramatic spike in food, oil, and commodity prices and a permanent, irrecoverable crash in the stock market, skyrocketing interest rates, oceanic unemployment rates and business closures. Quality of life in America drops at an unprecedented rate. Food riots, widespread breakdown in social order, polarization of sectors of society, possible civil war, racial division, instatement of Martial Law, and the formation of a non-democratic government that none of us will have a say in steering policy.

Then, all of the issues that we Democrats stand for, such as protecting union jobs, civil rights, protecting the poor and elderly, ending corporate welfare, green energy, gun control, a woman’s choice to choose, gay marriage, etc. won’t matter, because we won’t have a country left to defend. A collapse of the dollar will mean a violent end of America as we know it. It will mean a breakdown in social order. It will mean the During times of desperation, pendulums swing wild, and what we could end up with, is a military government that rules by fear, intimidation, and fiat.

After careful evaluation of Mr. Obama’s policies and actions, and a calm, levelheaded appraisal of the current field of Republican candidates, we have concluded that Ron Paul has the best plans to turn this country around, get control of our dollar, create jobs, unite the people under a common goal, and bring integrity and transparency back to the White House.

“But I could never, ever vote for a Republican!” you might protest…

Ah, but Ron Paul is just as much at odds with the Republican Party, as he is with the Democrats. Better yet, he ANGERS many republicans, due to the fact that his stances on issues fly in the face of the Neo-cons and corporate welfare supporters in the Republican party. And he has fought for OUR civil liberties – even the ones that are inconvenient to his own party. If we read the history of the Republicans, we’ll find out that – long before they were hijacked by war-loving neo-cons and racists – Republicans were the party of peace and of smaller government. Incredibly enough, it was the Republican Party that was the champion of the Civil Rights Movement, while our own party, at that time, was opposed to the Movement. It was the Republican Party – under Lincoln – that ended slavery. It was the Republican party – again and again – that championed peace and non-interventionism. Eisenhower ended the Korean War. Nixon ended the Vietnam War. Taft was a staunch anti–interventionist. Even, laughably, George Bush Sr. ran on the platform of having a humble foreign policy. Our political parties have become too fluid and too indifferent to the needs of the people.

In light of this, we support Ron Paul, for several reasons:

Because he is a statesman. Ron Paul wants to bring peace – not just to our shores, but to all countries worldwide. Dr. Paul has enriched the national dialog by asking, “Why should we be sending our boys to die in countless, undeclared, illegal, unfunded wars? Why should we be the policeman of the world, with 900 bases in over 150 countries?” He has had the boldness to declare that our policy of exporting force, violence, and bloodshed has actually resulted in making us LESS safe! That sending billions of dollars to despots overseas has made us and Israel less safe! He has been the only one on either side of the political aisle to shoot straight with the American people, and acknowledge that 911 was indeed due, in part, to our flawed foreign policies of occupying other countries, bombing and killing innocent civilians, propping up oppressive dictators and kings, stationing our troops in others’ holy lands, and not giving the Palestinians a fair shake. He has even been so brave as to explore the nature of Iran’s hatred toward America – did you know that the US government sent the CIA into Iran, toppled their popularly-elected leader, and put their puppet, bloodthirsty Shah in power – all to protect oil interests? In light of this, plus our continued policy of economic sanctions, and our policies in the Middle East, and it’s understandable where their anger comes from. Dr. Paul believes that instead of trying to export democracy , we should instead be exporting prosperity, trade, dialog and friendship. He believes that a prosperous society is a peaceful society, and we agree! What have we seen from Mr. Obama? A further escalation of hostilities in Afghanistan, sending even more troops to combat, a deteriorating relationship with Pakistan, more drone attacks, more bombing of innocent civilians, and yet another undeclared war – this time in Libya – and his pentagon is spoiling for war in Iran.

Ron Paul is an economist, so he grasps the nature of our depressions, recessions, and our boom and bust cycles. He understands that our crippling debt and our devaluing dollar are a greater national security threat, than any terrorist. It is through his studies of the Austrian School of Economics that he came the realization that our boom and bust cycles are MANUFACTURED events by the Federal Reserve, through their twiddling with the interest rates, printing money, encouraging foolish, risky borrowing and investment, and then propping up bad debt during busts. It was through his studies of the Great Depression, Weimar Republic, and even the current recession in Japan, that he discovered that the central bank was the primary cause of the booms, the primary cause of the busts, and the primary cause for the prolonging of the recessions and depressions. Did you know that Dr. Paul predicted and warned us about the housing bubble and the global financial collapse – all the way back in 2002? He also correctly indicates that NAFTA and the Federal Reserve’s policy of devaluing our dollar are the two major causes for the gutting of our middle class, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Mr. Obama has shown no desire to understand economics, as he is calling for trillions in additional bailouts – without regard for how this affects our dollar.

Ron Paul is a medical doctor. By virtue of that profession, doctors have to be very careful and deliberate in their decisions and actions, because the consequences can be life or death. Many times, doctors have to make decisions in the face of incomplete or uncertain information – and they have to take full responsibility for their actions. Doctors are the ULTIMATE executives. Before becoming president, the closest Mr. Obama ever came to a decision, was voting ‘present’ during his short term as senator.

Ron Paul is a businessman who became successful by the merit of his own actions – not by nepotism, or through bailouts, loopholes, lobbying relationships, corporate welfare, insider trading, abuse of power, or by gutting corporations, firing the workforce and selling the companies for scrap. As a businessman, he understands the importance of a dollar, fiscal responsibility, how to create jobs, and that it is businesses that create jobs. Not the government. It is a rare occasion to have a man who is both a businessman and economist, and he will bring valuable insight to the White House. Mr. Obama has never been a businessman, so he incorrectly believes that the government creates jobs – this has led to spending billions of dollars on stimulus programs that have yielded little in the form of permanent, full-time jobs.

Ron Paul is a respected author, who has written scores of books about issues that are extremely relevant to you and me today, including the nature of boom and bust cycles, our eroding civil liberties, the corporate takeover of our government, and about the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul is a uniter, not a divider. He doesn’t pit one class or group against another, for his own personal gain. He believes that the individual is the ultimate minority, and that we should unleash the power of our imaginations, and carve out our own destinies. Did you know that in the 2008 election and in the current election season, Ron Paul has received more campaign donations from active-duty and retired military – and their families – than any other candidate, COMBINED? He has even received more donations from them, than Obama has. It’s because he believes that it is not the president’s authority to declare war, but rather Congress’ authority and because he understands the weight and the cost of sending someone’s father, son, or brother off to die in combat. All Obama has done, is to divide people – whether through racial lines, socioeconomic lines, or

Ron Paul has united Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, by changing the rules of the national discourse and making us ask ourselves, ‘what is the role of the federal government?’ We’ve discovered in the Obama administration and in past administrations, that the more power we give to the federal government to further our aims, the more negative, unintended consequences arise. Ron Paul makes us think. He is against drug use, but asks ‘by what authority can the federal government regulate an individual’s choice to do drugs?’ He is against abortion, but asks, ‘by what authority can the federal government reach into a woman’s body to protect a fetus?’ He is against gay marriage, but asks, ‘by what authority can the federal government reach into our private homes, and regulate a union between two people?’ He is against the Federal Department of Education, and declares that long before 1979, the states were fully capable of educating our students, and that as a result of the federal government’s role, the quality of our education has gone down immeasurably. And that cannot be denied.

Ron Paul has unshakeable ethics. The issues he stands for now, are the same issues he stood for when he first came to office in the eighties. He has been trumpeting the dangers of our declining dollar, and the Federal Reserve, since the 1970′s. Only now, do we know what he was warning about. Plus, lobbyists know not to knock on his door, as he doesn’t accept lobbying dollars. That’s a refreshing break from how our leaders in both parties have been beholden to special interests that have - at many times – been against our interest. Did you know that Goldman Sachs was was the corporation that benefitted from this latest boom, then made billions in the mortgage crisis, due to special arrangements they had with the government, enabling them to purchase defaulted mortgages at pennies on the dollar, sell the the mortgages at below-market rate, then having the government pay them the difference based upon the ORIGINAL mortgage loan value? And among all this, they are charged by the SEC for securities fraud, and sued by dozens of companies for knowingly selling toxic securities. Now, they run the treasury and the Federal Reserve and have printed of trillions of dollars in bailouts, loan-guarantees, and lines of credit, and they refuse to reveal who the recipients are. It was only after a congressionally-mandated hearing that we found out that fully twelve trillion dollars were sent to foreign banks and foreign governments! By contrast to Ron Paul’s consistency and transparency, Mr. Obama has broken so many promises, and has spent millions and millions in attorney’s fees to cover up his past, his student record, and his college essays.

Ron Paul will help the poor. By getting our spending under control, balancing the budget, abolishing the Federal Reserve, and placing control over the printing of our currency back in the hands of government, and restoring a type of gold-standard back to the currency, our dollar will be restored to have a true value that cannot be manipulated by politician or bankers, stop the wholesale transfer of wealth from the lower and middle class to the ultra-rich, eliminate this spiraling inflation, and return America to solvency, where our futures are not mortgaged, and our children are not born with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Mr. Obama has shown no interest in looking at the root causes of the decline of our dollar, and Mr. Obama has done nothing to help the poor. All his efforts have been put into enriching fat-cat labor union officials, fat-cat business executives, fat-cat bankers, and fat-cat hedge-fund managers.

We know it’s counterintuitive, voting for a Republican. But we are stuck in this two-party system, as third parties are all but excluded in the race and the debates, and without a run-off, a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. Dr. Paul is working with what we have. And we now see that the Obama administration is proving to be little more than George W. Bush’s third term.

It’s time we set aside our petty differences, and admit that this country is on the brink of collapse. Voting for partisan demagogues will only compound our problems, and we are rapidly running out of time. If Mr. Obama and the other Republican candidates have neither the knowledge or the political will to shoot straight with the American People, and get this economy back in control, then we have no other choice, than to vote for Mr. Paul.

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