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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NY banks on alert! Surprise, surprise, Obama’s class warfare nets results as letter bomb sent to bank!

Deutsche Bank CEO Target of Suspected Letter Bomb

By: Reuters with

NYPD Cruiser

Getty Images

The New York Police Department alerted Wall Street after confirmation that a letter bomb was sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

"NYPD learned that a letter bomb was detected by x-ray equipment in the bank’s mail room this morning, 1 p.m. Frankfurt time. We stepped up security at Deutsche Bank offices in New York and reminded — out of an abundance of caution — our 10,000 private security “Shield” members to follow guidelines for the detection and handling of suspicious packages and letters," said Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, NYPD.

German police are investigating the suspicious envelope, addressed to chief executive Josef Ackermann at Deutsche Bank Germany's largest bank.

"The explosive device in Frankfurt contained shrapnel. It did not detonate," confirmed Commissioner Browne.

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