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Friday, December 23, 2011

The country was Bushwhacked, but we accepted because, after all, the Bushes are sort of conservative

The man who used the phrase ‘new world order’ publically didn’t alarm us because he wasn’t an evil Democrat. W’s ‘war on terror’ and Patriot Act didn’t alarm us because he wasn’t an evil Democrat.

What we failed to realize, at the time, was that the real rulers of the nation are both Republican and Democrat and neither Republican nor Democrat.

Why do you think we always move towards communism/socialism/liberalism/progressivism and never back towards individualism no matter which party is in power?

They sit at the top directing the nation towards the new world order and use the Republican and Democrat labels as it best suits that goal.

There is no Republican and Democrat, no Left and Right, there is only the new world order and they control the populace with the deception of a left right paradigm!

The New World Order’s Choice

Elder Bush gives his blessing to Romney

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