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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ron wins the debate but all the talk is about Romney and Perry! Critical thinking time: Why so much Ron Paul negativity?

The right bashes the media and justly so but then forms their opinions of presidential candidates on…the media!

I have conservative friends on social networks who spend all their time trashing Ron Paul and threatening to ‘unfriend’ anyone who says something positive about Ron. What’s up with that?

You don’t like Ron’s foreign policy views. Ron is against ‘nation building’ which use to be the mantra of conservatives.

Ron is against foreign aid which use to be a view held by a lot, if not most, conservatives.

Ron has spent his whole career being a thorn in the side of the FED and the US monetary policy.

Ron is not accepted by the media and the ruling elites and the Republican permanent political class. Isn’t that a good thing? Yet many of my ‘conservative’ friends soak up the media’s and the elite’s slander.

Even if I had reservations about Ron’s foreign policy views, and of that I’m not sure, he is not running for SEC DEF.

Ron Paul is the most constitutionally sound candidate out there so far.

Maybe some of those folks who spend all their time posting about how they are going to ‘unfriend’ anyone who doesn’t disavow Ron Paul are moles/ trolls from the elite who certainly don’t want Ron Paul in the White House!

Fox News Poll: Ron Paul Wins Orlando Debate

Friday, September 23, 2011

The screenshot below shows results from a Fox News poll on who won the debate last night. Once again Ron Paul emerges as the winner, with close to 40% of over 70,000 votes.

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  1. Excuse me. But WHY WERE THE POLL RESULTS placed in that order?? It's not alphabetical order. And it's not the order of most votes. It must be in prejudicial order -- the prejudice of the "reporter". Well, that's not reporting. That's propaganda.