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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If Palin goes rogue, I’m going with her

The Democrat, Republican paradigm has utterly failed the American people. It’s time for a change.

I left the Republican party when they chose McCain as their candidate…and they've done nothing to cause me to go back.

I voted against Obama and for Palin in 2008, not for McCain.

Despite the influx of tea party conservatives in 2010 the path of the party hasn’t changed. The leadership continues pushing the ruling classes agenda.

There are 5 types of Republicans in the congress:

  1. ruling class: new world order types, lifers who are installed in leadership positions
  2. corrupt: lifers in it for the money, bought off by the highest bidder
  3. blackmailed: ruling class has something on them and therefore controls them through fear and intimidation
  4. RINO’s: probably ruling class but there may be a few who are simply ideologues
  5. genuine conservatives: too few to make a real difference

KICK OFF: Palin to keynote Labor Day Tea Party rally in Iowa

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