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Monday, July 11, 2011

I’d rather Obama be golfing than messing around with the budget…so would he…

I hope he fails! The economy has tanked since he’s been in office, that means Obama is succeeding. He wants America to fail. America is failing so he is succeeding. I hope he fails!

Even Dollar Stores Struggling in 'Obama Depression'


Obama Would Rather be Talking about NFL Lockout over Debt Crisis

Warns Best-Selling Authors: You're Not 'Off the Hook

MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY: New taxes or no deal; GOP must 'budge'

Boehner: 'No Tax Increases Ever on the Table'

AP: Obama's trillion-dollar tax hike would hit low- and middle-income families

Taxes Upon Taxes Upon

FLASHBACK: Obama: Raising taxes in a recession 'last thing you want to do'

Obama tells GOP leaders America not a 'banana republic'

Nearly one in five recent grads out of work

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