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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caveman: Boehner caves in and offers plan to raise debt ceiling

In no way is Boehner’s plan a victory for fiscal sanity; the liberals get their credit card limit raised immediately but the meager spending cuts are tomorrow…and tomorrow never comes.

All this bluster about a huge rift between Boehner’s and Obama’s views is for show. It’s intended to convince you that the GOP plan is something that it’s not!

Be not deceived; Boehner, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are on the same side.

Boehner to GOP: ‘Get your ass in line’

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio walks to a closed-door GOP caucus to work on averting a default. | AP Photo

'I can’t do this job unless you’re behind me,' Boehner said to House Republicans. | AP Photo Close


Scrambling for votes on his troubled deficit package, Speaker John Boehner told GOP lawmakers Wednesday morning to “get your ass in line” behind his debt ceiling bill, saying the Senate will fold and pass it.

“This is the bill,’ Boehner said in a closed-door meeting of House Republicans on Wedneday morning. “I can’t do this job unless you’re behind me.”

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Boehner was forced to postpone the vote until Thursday after the Congressional Budget Office said it fell $150 billion short of the $1 trillion goal. Many GOP lawmakers are still undecided whether they will back the measure.

Boehner also predicted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and Senate Democrats will have to pass his proposal once the House does. Reid has an alternate plan to cu $2.7 trillion.

“If this gets chaotic, they (the Senate) will fold like a cheap suit,” Boehner said, according to GOP sources.

But some top gop aides to rank and file members indicated the delay may be a blessing in disguise. It could give majority whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) more time to get members in line.

While Boehner tried to adjust to his setback from the CBO’s estimated savings, Reid was enjoying a boost from the independent, non-partisan office, which said the Reid bill would save $2.2 trillion over the next decade — almost triple what Boehner’s bill would.

The Boehner vote whipping and Reid’s maneuvering set the stage for the final six day runup to the Aug. 2 deadline for raising the nation’s debt limit

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