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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wiki-Errors scam site

I suspected this was a bogus site just trying to get you to buy their product. They set up their site to look like Wikipedia to give you the impression that it’s a repository of windows error fixes. The first entry on their page is a link to run a free instant scan:

Is Wiki-Errors (Errors Encyclopedia) a site you can trust?

I have error codes that i try to fix and i just looked some up and i got a site called wiki errors. can you trust their solutions? Here is an example of of a fix for an error code…
I do not want to ruin my laptop anymore than i already have

Mosesby Moses

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Absolutely not. Sites like that are usually malware spreaders themselves, masquerading as legitimate "PC Protection" application vendors, but their "free registry scans" usually leave you with a variant of the "BehavesLike.win32" virus, or something similar. In this case, the (no doubt phony) company is presenting itself as a wiki in order to improve its Google rankings, because Google's PageRank algorithm is programmed to be preferential towards wiki sites.
Microsoft may be evil, but you should check for a solution on before anything that looks like Wikipedia, which is never the solution for anything. Such as...


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