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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WARNING: NC GOP Senate Leaders Gut Immigration Bill!!

Get on the phone to these senators and tell them not to Gut the Immigration Bill!!

Time is very short. We just received disturbing news that five or more NC GOP Senate leaders just gutted HB 36 provisions thus protecting illegal alien workers.

They changed HB 36 which was passed by the NC House with a large margin. The house version required all businesses doing work for the state and all NC employers with more than 24 employees to screen new hires with the accurate and free E-Verify system.

This bill would have opened up tens of thousands of jobs that are being stolen by illegal aliens at a time when American workers face record unemployment, underemployment, bankruptcy, eviction, and foreclosure!

At least five NC GOP senators are responsible for removing the part that required all employers with more than 24 employees to use the system.
It was done even though the US Supreme Court recently ruled that states can do this and even though numerous polls report that over 80% of their voters want this legislation!

The bill is now headed for the senate floor with the teeth removed.

Please take immediate action.

Step 1:

Contact the five known Republicans who are responsible for this sneaky change to HB 36 removing the provision that all large employers hire only legal workers.

Some of these may try to deny the charge, but at this time ALIPAC fully believes the following five senators are responsible for helping illegal aliens keep these tens of thousands of jobs that should have gone to Americans.

Please be firm but respectful. Any over the top messages could result in law enforcement action against you. Just let these senators know that you are aware of what they have done and that you intend to remove them from office in the 2112 elections.

Sample message “I have been informed that Senator _____ protected illegal alien workers and employers by gutting HB 36 behind closed doors. How dare he protect illegal aliens when Americans need those jobs. I intend to support Republican primary challengers against him in 2012 and believe that the 80% of voters who disagree with his efforts to protect illegal workers will help me to remove him from office in the next election cycle.”

The five senators we fully believe are responsible for this betrayal of the public are:

Senate President Phil Berger

Senator Tom Apodoca

Senator Rick Gunn

Senator Harry Brown

Senator Bob Rucho


Sample Message: Senator ______, I am calling/writing to ask you to put the provision back in HB 36 that requires all employers with more than 24 employees to use the E-Verify system and stop hiring illegal aliens instead of workers. It is my understanding that Senators Phil Berger, Tom Apodoca, Bob Rucho, Rick Gunn, and Harry Brown have conspired to remove this provision behind closed doors. I hope you will stand up and insist the provision be returned to the bill. Please, our American workers are suffering terribly with historic unemployment, underemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. We need these tens of thousands of jobs that these five senators just handed back to illegal aliens. Please put the teeth back in HB 36 and pass it. I intend to help remove from office any politician who protects illegal aliens and their employers above the interests of American citizens.”

GOP senators that may not agree with the actions of Phil Berger, Tom Apodoca, Rick Gunn, Harry Brown, and Bob Rucho are…

(Try to get these senators to restore the provision in HB 36 that affects all large employers in NC)

Senator Austin M. Allran (Rep)

Senator Stan Bingham (Rep)

Senator Harris Blake (Rep)

Senator Andrew C. Brock (Rep)

Senator Peter S. Brunstetter (Rep)

Senator Debbie A. Clary (Rep)

Senator Warren Daniel (Rep)

Senator Jim Davis (Rep)

Senator Don East (Rep)

Senator James Forrester (Rep)

Senator Thom Goolsby (Rep)

Senator Kathy Harrington (Rep)

Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (Rep)

Senator Ralph Hise (Rep)

Senator Neal Hunt (Rep)

Senator Brent Jackson (Rep)

Senator Wesley Meredith (Rep)

Senator E. S. (Buck) Newton (Rep)

Senator Louis Pate (Rep)

Senator Jean Preston (Rep)

Senator Bill Rabon (Rep)

Senator David Rouzer (Rep)

Senator Dan Soucek (Rep)

Senator Richard Stevens (Rep)

Senator Jerry W. Tillman (Rep)

Senator Tommy Tucker (Rep)

We need these phone lines ringing off the hook right away!


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