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Monday, June 20, 2011

TYRANNY Alert!: White House wants streaming media of any copyrighted materials to be a felony

jguest62 TYRANNY Alert! If THIS is allowed to pass, anyone sharing a LINK on this site, Facebook, My Space, etc. could find themselves subject to FELONY prosecution. What better way to STIFLE free speech, esp when it's CRITICAL of a TYRANT! Get BUSY and call, write, or text your congressmen and senators and tell them not only NO, but HELL NO! Speak NOW, or you may have to forever hold your TONGUE!

Whitehouse to want Streaming Media of any copyrighted materials to be a felony | USWGO Alternative News

Obama wants you in copyright prison for streaming political videos

This image looks more cleaner then the other one so this one will be the new Obama copyright prison illustration.

Author: Brian D. Hill

The White House whitepaper has been archived at USWGO in cases of censorship!

Now that the Protect IP Act (S.968) has been exposed then blocked at the committee level, a new threat bill is being implemented in the House and Senate committees known as S. 978, and then the Whitehouse issued a whitepaper, a decree that he wants people that commit any form of copyright infringement even non commercial to be prosecuted then thrown into prison. It means that those that expose truth such as the Alex Jones channel on YouTube, FederalJack-Tube, and other truther members would be arrested for copyright infringement then thrown into prison for no less then 20 years in prison. It ain’t just the Protect IP Act, the White House wants an end to truth sites and alternative media.

So the three bills we need to tell our congress to vote No are as follows:

S.968 – Protect IP Act – Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 – Govtrack

S.978 – To amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (Introduced in Senate – IS) – Govtrack

So now they want to make all forms of using copyrighted content on YouTube to be illegal and a criminal act. That also includes acts that are protected under Fair Use Exemptions under the Copyright Act. This means that the elite and Bilderberg class of political infiltrators want to go after everyone now under the guise of stopping copyright infringement.

This quote is what the administration wants to do against truth video uploaders:

Ensure Felony Penalties for Infringement By Streaming and by Means of Other New Technology: It is imperative that our laws account for changes in technology used by infringers. One recent technological change is the illegal streaming of content. Existing law provides felony penalties for willful copyright infringement, but felony penalties are predicated on the defendant either illegally reproducing or distributing the copyrighted work. Questions have arisen about whether streaming constitutes the distribution of copyrighted works (and thereby is a felony) .

So it looks like the Obama Administration is pulling no punches against shutting down most of the Internet and truth blogs.

Not just criminal penalties against infringers but also wiretap which the NSA and CIA are good at.

Recommendation: The Administration recommends that Congress amend 18 U.S.C. § 2516 to give law enforcement authority to seek a wiretap for criminal copyright and trademark offenses.

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