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Friday, June 10, 2011

Obama ‘the destroyer’ plans to increase the payroll tax by 2.5% while Americans are sinking already

Obama: U.S. Will Be Highest Taxed Country In The  World

                     TO STOP OBAMA'S TAX HIKE SCHEME!

Our  spender-in-chief is committing extortion right under our noses. Obama is  pushing his plans to increase the payroll tax by 2.5%.That means the total tax  rate would be raised to 47% making America the highest taxed country in the  world!

The  payroll tax affects every single American who gets up to go to work. Even  though employers are responsible for collecting this tax, the tax is ultimately  passed on to the employee. I guess Obama wants to make up for the tax revenue lost  from the people he put out of work.

As  "smart" as the Liberal elite think they are, raising taxes when the  economy is in ruins and jobs are scarce is beyond idiotic. Contrary to what the  Dems think, when employers are hit with Obama's payroll tax they won't jump for  joy - they will begin laying people off because they can't afford the extra  taxes. Obama seems to  think you don't deserve to keep your money or your job.

Obama's  power-abusing trip doesn't end there. Not satisfied with kicking regular  Americans while they're down, he's also proposing a 62% tax rate for high  income earners. Welcome back to the 1970s, where under Jimmy  Carter the highest tax rate was at a whopping70%! Keep in mind Obama's tax hikes will  be in addition to the upcoming tax  increases that will take effect when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2012.

Progressives  in Washington want to repeal the Bush tax cuts (tax breaks for people who make  $250,000 or more.) On their campaign to gain support for axing the tax cuts,  the Dems vilified the recipients characterizing them as "rich" and"undeserving  of the money they earned." In reality, people who receive the Bush tax  cuts are small businesses, married couples and JOB CREATORS.

The  Democrats have a lot more up their sleeves. They've levied additional taxes on  investment income and are pushing for more tax increases on capital gains.  Apparently the3.8% ObamaCare investment tax wasn't enough. When will their  taxation spree end? If the Dems succeed in repealing the Bush tax cuts, the  capital gains tax rates will rise from 15% to 22%.

While  most of us aren't lucky enough to be high earners, that doesn't mean we will be  immune to Obama's frantic scramble to pay off the debt he created. Letting the Bush tax cuts expire  and forcing the rich to dump more of their money in Obama's special interests  piggy bank will kill any chance we have for an economic recovery.

Obama  said that we need tax hikes to pay down the deficit. Wait - wasn't it Obama who  is responsible for the biggest spending spree in history? I'd like to see  Obama volunteer to give up his fortune to Uncle Sam. A tax hike will not  help pay off our deficit, in fact, it won't even make a noticeable dent in the  debt. I'm not sure why Obama and his buddies are spending all this time trying  to figure out how to cut down the deficit when the answer is so simple - cut spending and stop the tax increases!

There it is -Obama and his cronies have shown  they have NO interest in an economic recovery- they want to make tough times tougher!

THEY JUST DON'T  GET IT -- but they WILL "get it," if the American people make their  voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR again!

And that's just what we've set up our  website to enable you to do! You can send Blast Faxes to EVERY  SINGLE MEMBER of the U.S.Senate and House of Representatives, AT ONCE,  telling them to stop Obama's tax hike plans - NOW!

                     STOP OBAMA'S TAX HIKE SCHEME!

Be sure to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD TODAY! Thank you!

                     Defend America,

                     Alan M.Gottlieb
                     Chairman, AmeriPAC

                     If you prefer to send a check, please mailto:
                     American Political Action Committee (AmeriPAC)
                     PO Box 1682
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