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Monday, June 6, 2011

Climate change loons are back despite being exposed as complete frauds. Now they want to tax co2 and ‘forcibly tattoo’ deniers

I watched an interesting program on the Green channel last night called “Why Egypt Fell”. Turns out it was due to climate change. A drought occurred lasting a couple of generations some 2200 years ago that caused the Nile river valley to dry up.

As interesting was the fact that 6000 years ago climate change led to the rise of Egypt. North Africa was full of vegetation and people when a change in the weather created the great Sahara desert. The people fled to the lush oasis area of the Nile river valley and the great civilization of Egypt arose.

Two instances of climate change within a 3800 year period and man’s activity had absolutely nothing to do with it.

PAPER: Activist calls for forcibly tattooing 'climate change' deniers
World Bank to propose global CO2 levy on jet and shipping fuel

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