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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TSA Gestapo agents have got to be reigned in, this is a ridiculous abuse of power…and it’s systemic!

Bunny Lady Squares Off Against TSA Over Airport Confetti Gag

She's known as the fun-loving, song-singing "Bunny Lady." But now a Roeland Park, Kansas, woman is facing the wrath of the Transportation Security Administration after a bizarre run-in with an agent at the Philadelphia International Airport involving, of all things, a basket of confetti-filled eggs.
Val Baul says that she is a kid at heart, the Bunny Lady who sings goofy songs about rabbits.
"Happy birthday, to some bunny, happy birthday to some bunny," sings Baul, dressed in her hot-pink furry bunny outfit.
But now the rascally rabbit has found herself squarely in the crosshairs of the TSA in a brewing battle over a basket full of eggs.
During the Valentine's Day weekend, Baul, a former traveling clown and community radio DJ, was traveling through the Philadelphia International Airport with a basket of confetti-filled eggs.
That's when Baul says an inquiring TSA agent stopped her in her tracks.
"She wasn't investigating my eggs, I had already been through the x-ray machine (with no problems)," said Baul. "She said, 'What are those?' and I said, 'Well, they're eggs filled with confetti'."
Baul says that she then gave the agent a closer look at one of the eggs, by breaking it over the woman's head.
"I put it over her head," said Baul. "I did't think anything of it."
The TSA agent was not amused, and soon the Bunny Lady found herself in handcuffs and being hauled off to the airport's jail for three hours. She now faces a misdemeanor harassment charge.
"They took my ID, my boarding pass and I just sat there," said Baul.
Baul's best friend, Julia Spears, says that the authorities have Baul, who is set to graduate with a Masters Degree from Baker University in May, all wrong.
"If they really knew her, they would understand it's not harmful," said Spears. "It wasn't hurtful. It wasn't negative."
Now, the Bunny Lady will have to travel to Philadelphia in September to face a judge in the case. Baul says that she just wants her Bunny battle to end.
"I'm sorry," said Baul. "You can't undo what's been done."

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