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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CIA outs CNN host

Fmr. CIA Analyst Laughs at CNN Host - You're Just Carrying the Water for Mr. Obama

The Former CIA Counter-terrorism analyst Michael Scheuer strongly opposed the Obama's administration actions in Libya on CNN this morning. Scheuer believes that there isn't a strong case for America's intervention especially at a time when the country hasn't even recovered from the recession. Also, Scheuer had doubts if the rebels that we are arming would really be any better than the Gadaffi regime: "I'm not sure that that the opposition, if it takes power, is going to be much better than was Gadaffi." Moreover, Scheuer argues that the US involvement in Libya would serve as a recruitment tool for extremists. "In the muslim world, this is Americans killing Muslims again, and it looks like its for oil."

Scheuer also suggested the rationale behind US involvement in yet another war "at a time when we're nearly bankrupt." to which the CNN host, Christine Romans, expressed disagreement suggesting that Libya and US economy are two distinct issues. Scheuer protested "they are not separate issues, ma'am, you're just carrying the water for Mr. Obama."

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