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Thursday, March 3, 2011

FAX the 14 democrats who have abandoned their post, shirked their duties, took their ball and left!

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Dear Fellow Patriots
If you are like me, you have felt helpless as out-of-control union thugs occupied the Wisconsin state capitol, and every single Democrat State Senator abandoned his post to hide out in Illinois.
However, now there is something that you can do to help win this “Battle of Wisconsin.”

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Gary G. Keep, Esq.

The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) researchers have found the fax numbers of each of the AWOL Wisconsin State Senate Democrats.
Just follow this link to send FaxGrams all of these Democrats and tell them just how you feel about out-of-control public employee union contracts bankrupting your state, and their cowardly strategy of leaving the State of Wisconsin, in order to thwart the will of the people.
These Democrats need to hear directly from you. They need to understand that the American people don’t support their actions.
And we certainly don’t support the crazed antics of the union thugs who are camped out, night and day, in Wisconsin’s glorious Capitol Building!
The Wisconsin State Senators who are hiding out in Illinois are cowards. They don’t have to votes to stop bills that they don’t like, so they turned tail and ran.
Their goal is simple. To kill Governor Scott Walker’s emergency budget bill by not allowing it to ever come up for a vote.
Fax these cowardly Democrats, right now, and tell them to get back to work.
Many Wisconsin voters believe that Governor Walker’s proposal is very fair and very reasonable. It makes Wisconsin’s teachers contribute more to pay for their generous pension and health benefits, and it limits their ability to demand more and more pay and lavish benefits from Wisconsin’s taxpayers.
However, instead of calmly discussing the matter with the Governor, the radical teachers unions and their allies across the country declared war on the people of Wisconsin.
And their puppets in the Wisconsin State Senate took off for Illinois, to shut down the state legislature.
Now, the entire nation is terrified that the anarchy that has broken out in Wisconsin could spread across America.
The specter of legions of professional left-wing protesters storming state houses across the country demanding that beleaguered taxpayers pay for more and more pay and benefits is the American taxpayers’ worst nightmare; and, it is a nightmare that will become all too real if the union thugs and cowardly politicians in Wisconsin get their way.
Please, right now, fax all the “missing” Wisconsin Democrats. We here at USJF have taken the time to compile this comprehensive list of fax numbers. With just a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can tell each and every one these Democrats to stop their nonsense and to get back to work!
Nothing could be easier. In just a minute or two you can make a real difference. And not only for the taxpayers of Wisconsin, who have been terrorized by out-of-control, greedy, public employee unions for too long. But for the rest of the nation as well.
You see, as Wisconsin goes, so goes the nation.
If the radical trade unions are able to force their will upon the people of Wisconsin through threats and political trickery, they will use the same tactics in every state of the union.
If these radicals want you to pay higher taxes so that they can have eight weeks of paid vacation every year – they’ll just storm your state Capitol and demand it.
If these greedy zealots want you to pay them a lavish pension that allows them to retire early and travel the world - they’ll just ransack a few government buildings, scream obscene slogans, and threaten that there’ll be “blood in the streets.”
And don’t you believe for one minute that they will ever stop making ridiculous demands on your tax dollars.
My friend, if you and I don’t stop this nonsense in Wisconsin right now, it will only get worse.
And the only way to stop this is to force the cowardly Democrats who are hiding out in ritzy hotels in Illinois to go back to work.
Please send your faxes to each and every one of these cowardly Democrats. We are offering this services at a very economical price... it is only $14.00 - a price which allows us to cover our costs and overhead.
Tell them that the American people are counting on them to do the right thing and stop this nonsense.
As I just mentioned, sending out these faxes is very easy. Just click here and USJF will take care of everything. Your message will be delivered directly to each and every one of these AWOL Wisconsin Democrats.
As indicated above, I do ask that you make a small contribution to USJF to help us pay for all of these faxes  and communication services.
It isn’t often that you have a chance to change history without leaving your computer. But that is exactly what you and I have a chance to do, today, by faxing the missing Wisconsin Democrats.
I have already sent my faxes. Please join me and tell the Wisconsin Democrats to Get Back to Work!

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