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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why has there been such an effort to down play the Islamic element in the ‘war on terror’

The government and the media go out of their way to avoid any reference to Islam whenever the refer to terrorism, why is that? They don’t want you to associate the two. They don’t want you to think of a turban, a tunic, or a beard, whenever you hear the term terrorist.

The fact is, the war on terror is not against Islamist terrorist, it’s not even against terrorist. It’s to get you to fear terrorist in such a way that you will relinquish your liberties and so that you will view those labeled terrorist as evil!

The war on terror was planned and implemented as a means to demonize and dehumanize those the NWO sees as threats. It had nothing to do with Islam. Islam is absolutely no threat to the NWO. The just happened to be a convenient tool to accomplish their objective.

The NWO, with it’s tremendous technological advantage, along with exotic weapons that have not yet been used, could vanquish the 7th century-like world of Islam in a matter of weeks if they wanted to. The Arabs would be useful

The plan was to condition people to think of ‘terrorist’, not just Islamic terrorist, as evil, as enemies, as worthy of death.

With our modern technology we could end the war in Afghanistan in months, but we need to keep the war on terror going on for years in order to condition the masses to view terrorist as subhuman. 

If you’ve been paying attention to who the the government wants the focus to be upon it’s obvious they are not concerned with ‘Islamic’ terrorist.

DHS put out list of those to be suspicious of, it includes, militia types, returning vets, Ron Paul supporters, prolife advocates, gun rights advocates, Obamacare opponents, right wingers but not Arabs.

DHS seems to have little interest in terrorist entering the country, instead they focus on home grown terrorist? Why is the focus in aircraft travel on those boarding inside the country instead of on those entering the country from abroad?

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