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Monday, February 21, 2011

Relatives question MI5’s role in London Tube bombings – cropped supergrass images

7/7 inquests: MI5 'not responsible for attack'

MI5 also received information in April 2004 from Mohammed Junaid Babar - a former terrorist who became a supergrass - that two men from West Yorkshire called "Ibrahim" and "Zubair" had travelled to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan the previous year.

Cropped MI5 surveillance image of Shezhad Tanweer

Witness G was asked why an al-Qaeda supergrass was sent such a bad quality image of Tanweer

Babar was shown surveillance pictures of Khan and Tanweer in August 2004 but failed to identify them, and it was only confirmed after the 7/7 attacks that "Ibrahim" was Khan.

Witness G was asked why a photograph of Tanweer but not one of Khan - known only at the time as "unidentified man E" - was shown to Babar in April 2004.

He replied: "I can only speculate here because we don't know exactly why.

"The judgement we formed was that the cropped photograph of man E was probably such poor quality it wasn't worth showing, but I don't have any contemporaneous record documentation."

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