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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Radical Muslim Imam Terrorist Crosses US-Mexico Border

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ALERT: U.S. Border Patrol agents captured a radical Muslim cleric attempting to illegally sneak into the United States across the California-Mexican border.

The terrorism supporting cleric has been banned from France and Canada, as well as the United States, police sources told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Jaziri, who gained notoriety when he ordered his followers to "execute" the controversial Danish cartoonist who drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, was arrested.

Jaziri, 44, had been deported from Canada to Tunisia in 2007 after Canadian immigration officials discovered that he had fabricated statements on his refugee application. Prior to that he had been imprisoned in France on terrorism-related charges.

While serving as Imam at a Wahabbi mosque in Montreal, Canada, Jaziri advocated civil unrest and the institution of Sharia law in Canada and the U.S. His detractors accused him of attempting to incite civil unrest among the Islamic population in Canada.

Did you know that the Ground Zero Mosque, funded by terrorists represents a very real threat to national security?


Obama and his liberal media lapdogs continue to distort the truth about the dangerous people behind the Ground Zero

Mosque.  American media clips continue to show the founding GZM Imam Feisal Rauf blathering about creating positive religious dialog, but they never report what he tells Middle Eastern media.  In a number of recent interviews with terrorist associated Muslim news agencies,

Rauf is quoted as saying “I am not interested in religious dialogue” and that a Muslim state can easily “be established” within and to take over even a democracy.  “The important issue is to establish the general fundamentals of Sharia” in that country to “organize the government” in a manner which is acceptable by Islamic scholars, according to Feisal Rauf.

None of this is surprising coming from a man who recently published a book in Malaysia titled, “A call to prayer from the WTC debris — Islamic Da’wah in the heart of American post 9/11”.  According to the Qur’an, (Sura 30:25), Da’wah is the call to the dead to rise on the Day of Judgment… those who do not adhere to Sharia law are damned for their sins.

This man is openly telling the Muslim media how he will use the American system against itself and reorganize the United States republic into a sharia government, yet the Obama administration na├»vely or duplicitously refuses to accept the plain meaning of Rauf’s own words.

Now we have "outed" Feisal Rauf and his radicalism so thoroughly, there is a new Imam coming on as the poster child for the GZM. It changes nothing — his ties to terrorists and the politics of threat and intimidation are virtually identical to those of Feisal Rauf. The fact is, the Ground Zero Mosque is not only an insult to America, it is a national security threat. 

Islam has always been a comprehensive socio-religious program for conquest, and no administration, but particularly the Obama administration, has been willing to address that fundamental ideological and strategic challenge.  It is foolish to speak of peaceful and constructive engagement with somebody who’s about to stab you in the gut, cut your throat or put a bullet in your head.


Fox News and other news outlets have reported that the Ground Zero Mosque is funded by some of the world’s deadliest terror organizations, including the founders of the Holy Land Foundation, a terrorist funding front that was indicted and convicted in the federal court in Dallas, Texas of support for international jihadists.  

Additional news and expert investigations show that funding may also come from Iran, whose President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to insist that he is preparing the way for Islam’s total world domination.

Amazingly, Obama’s State Department is using American tax dollars to pay for GZM Imam Feisal’s mosque fundraising trips to Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

The founding Imam behind the Ground Zero "Cordoba" project is associated with many terror organizations including Hamas.  Other Imams who follow Feisal Rauf will be "front men" for exactly the same sinister interests. 

While they claim religious liberty and protection of America's constitutional first amendment rights, in point of law, religious liberty does not extend to actions that violate the fundamental premises of natural justice.   

This is one of those cases where on grounds of endangerment for the integrity of our country's national security and promotion of acts which might exacerbate security threats to the United States, either the courts OR the Congress may intervene to stop this clear and present danger from further advancement.


Declaration Alliance is working closely with FreedomWatch, attorney Larry Klayman and the brave First Responder, fire-fighter Vincent Forras in a class action lawsuit to uncover the shadowy interests and international financial tentacles that are so aggressively pushing to bankroll this monument extolling Islamist supremacy on American hallowed ground.

The class action complaint against Feisal Rauf, his terrorist-linked funders and his Ground Zero "Victory" Mosque are publicly available for review at  It is critical that we Americans make our voices heard and stop not only the triumphal GZM mosque, but also the national security threat it represents.  Let the Obama administration and his media lapdogs know where the American public stands… take our survey and make your voice heard!  Also, please prayerfully consider donating your best possible gift to stop the march of Islam in America.

Help us defeat Obama's agenda with your best donation of $35, $60, $100 or even $200 or more! You may give all the way to the $5,000 individual limit — and help transform American politics forever!

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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