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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our laws are not determined by judges opinions, that is the rule of men

How Federal Judges Violate Our Constitution.

a)  When you hear people talking about The Constitution, don’t believe a word they say. They are usually wrong.  That includes the lawyers, judges & law professors who spout off on TV.  (Remember, they were educated by people like Professor Glashausser!)  So, you must look it up yourself in The Federalist Papers. Mary E. Webster makes it easy.  She has “translated” The Federalist Papers into modern English. They are now easy to understand.  YOU can learn the “original intent” of every clause in Our Constitution!  Then YOU can educate everyone within your spheres of influence. (You will also amaze your friends and confuse & confound our enemies.)

b) We need to radically change the way we have been looking at the World.  There really is an objective Reality out there:  Some things are True, other things are False.  Some things are Good, other things are Evil.  We need to start paying attention to objective standards again. We need to embrace the Good, the Noble, and the Intelligent.  We need to reject the Bad, the Low, and the Stupid.  The Constitution has an objective meaning. That meaning is revealed in The Federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence, Madison’s Journal of the Federal Convention, and (for word meanings) an old American Dictionary. THAT is where we look to find the original intent of Our Constitution. We must NOT look to the federal judges. A pox on them and their precious & perverted precedents!  PH.

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