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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Twitter Scam: 99% of People Look At Their Keyboard After Watching This Video!

Posted by June Stoyer on September 20th, 2010

If you get a direct message otherwise referred to on twitter as a DM, that tells you the following message, DO NOT CLICK IT!

99% of People Look At Their Keyboard After Watching This Video! >> <<

This is the latest of a new breed of scams that pulls up a video image of an actual keyboard, then quickly asks for permission to access your Twitter account. Do NOT grant it permission! Otherwise, your account will be at their disposal!

twitter scam

Twitter direct message scam screenshot

I did a quick search for that url as well as  for “99% of People Look At Their Keyboard After Watching This Video!” and the # site that comes up is a site that pulls up hundreds of people who were duped by this scam and makes it appear as though they are all commenting about the same thing…this scam!

scam url

Screen shot of quick google search

Clever from an internet marketing perspective but it is very sleazy. Hopefully, twitter will ban these clowns soon enough!

scammed fools

People who clicked the link!

What do I do if I clicked the link?

If you have already clicked the link, immediately change your password. Then delete any links the application has posted on your home page as well as and direct messages it may have sent out. Send a tweet to alert your followers that your account had been hacked and everything is back to normal again. It happens to many people. It even happened to me once!  The main thing is, do not give these creeps free internet exposure!

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