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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New simplified skyscraper/high rise demolition business.

I will beat any price, guaranteed!

I am offering my services to owners of outdated skyscrapers in lieu of traditional explosive techniques. My services are a lot less expensive, and a lot less time consuming, plus the costs of cleanup is a lot less expensive. My only expenses are an old/mothballed jetliner with a full load of gas, a remote control unit, travel, food, and lodging.

Current demolition companies require a hoard of personnel to plan and implement, a lengthy process of intensive planning as schematic drawings have to be scoured and studied, a lengthy process to set explosive charges and prepare the structure for demolition.

Then, after the building comes down, there’s the cleanup. Tradition demolitions leave large blocks of concrete that have to be dealt with and some buildings may fall to one side.

My method  requires no preplanning, no preparation , no schematics and no people, and no explosives. I plan to take mothballed jetliners, fill them full of fuel, equip them with  remote guidance systems like UAV’s and fly them into the buildings about three fourths to the top.

In less than half a day, the building will collapse in it’s own foot print, all the concrete will be pulverized to hair sized dust particles, in fact, if the owner wants to leave the entire contents of the building in it, they will be completely pulverized/destroyed too.

The metal beams will be reduced to truck size lengths that can be quickly loaded on trucks and hauled away and all that’s left is the dust that can be scooped up into dump trucks and hauled off.

As an aside, if you have another building 50 stories or so, within 500 or so feet, I can take it down at the same time and it won’t even take an additional jetliner to do it. It will fall, the same way, into it’s own footprint from the debris of the building hit by the jetliner. It will take a while longer for it to fall but just a few hours. It can all be done within one 8 hour workday!

I know it will work because it’s been demonstrated on two of the tallest skyscrapers on the planet on one day.If it happened just once I’d be hesitant to enter into this business but two for two is like a scientific certainty.

This would be great for someone who was going to have to do some costly renovation,work due to asbestos,and upgrades!!!

Be sure to tell your friends. I’m eager to get started.

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