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Monday, February 21, 2011

Former healthy Marine recruit who was stricken with seizures after Gulf swim almost silenced in psych ward


Paul Doomm was in a NOLA hospital today for testing, per article below, he was 2 be placed in medically induced coma. We got word earlier that he would be placed in the psych ward...3 of us started calling the media and we all spoke to the hospital administrator. We feel we averted a disaster. They wanted to silence Paul, we were not going to let that happen!

The reason that I posted this is because it is a human rights violation and more and more people in the Gulf Region are experiencing a lack of concern from the medical industry. Their doctors are calling them crazy instead of finding out why they are symptomatic. The doctors in most cases refuse to associate the symptoms of chemical poisoning with what is happening in real time in the Gulf of Toxico. Just like we who are reporting on this are called conspiracy theorists by most.

Paul was a healthy young man heading into the Marines before he swam in the water. For the media and our own government at all levels to refuse to admit something is wrong in our environment and that people are sick and dying is a crime against humanity. This is chemical and corporate ecocide and genocide...there is no other way to explain it or use other terminology.

Might I add that putting Paul in a psych ward would serve their SILENCE him permanently.

He is now in the Neuro Ward...being the 11th hour, the hospital administrators changed their tune after they found out that media was on the way...
***I will be providing updates as soon as I have them...

***ADDITIONAL NOTE: We were thanked over the phone by the Doomm family and by Paul himself for doing this direct action.

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