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Monday, February 21, 2011

Did you ever think you’d see an American president fomenting insurrection in America

He’s the president but not an American!

EXPOSED! Obama Working To Spread Riots Across US

Look for the Union Label

What on earth is a President of the United States doing actively supporting angry protest mobs in the United States? Silly  me, but I thought that an elected President was supposed to be the President of all the people, and not just of the hard, far Left. Isn’t the President supposed to be neutral in matters like this and let the States work it out? So why, you ask, is Obama doing this? I will tell you why. Obama is supporting the hard, far Left in these uprisings because he is on a mission. A mission to bring down this country, overthrow the Constitution he was sworn to protect and replace it with Socialist anarchy. Obama is not a real President, he is the bought and paid for puppet of the Puppet Master, George Soros.

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