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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crime Watch: Chemtrails linked to plot to promote bacterial growth in the Gulf after BP oil volcano

Marine biologist: Military spraying chemtrails over Gulf “to promote bacterial growth”

The State of the Gulf: Q&A with Ed Cake, Ph.D, PDX 2 Gulf Coast, December 22, 2010:

This Q&A is with marine biologist and oyster specialist, Dr. Ed Cake.

What does the Gulf look and feel like now, 8 months after the spill?

… Chemtrails are still being sprayed in our skies as federal military and other aviation interests blanket the region with “unknown” chemicals (probably aluminum and other minerals) to promote bacterial growth in the “Gulf of Oil” waters and to combat the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emanating from the BP oil spill.

Ed Cake quoted in the Press-Register: Questions linger about seafood safety, but FDA says consumers have little to fear, November 28, 2010


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