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Thursday, February 10, 2011

11 States to presidential candidates: Better find those birth certificates!

Another state joins stampede to create eligibility ballot tests

11th state eyeing proof of Obama's eligibility

Lawmaker files new bill to require presidential candidates be qualified

WASHINGTON – And then there were 11.

The push at the state level to ensure no future president enters office under the cloud of suspicion that he or she might not be constitutionally eligible is growing.

At the request of a local tea-party group, Tennessee state Sen. Mae Beavers has filed a bill that would require presidential candidates to show an original birth certificate establishing constitutional eligibility for the office before getting on the ballot beginning in 2012.

Beavers told a local television station she said she wouldn't comment about whether or not she believes Obama meets the test because she has no personal knowledge about whether or not he can prove it. She said, however, this legislation would erase all concerns in future elections.

"We just want to make doubly sure in Tennessee if we put someone on the ballot, they are qualified to run," said Beavers.

That makes 11 state legislatures now considering such bills – with several of them well on the way to passage.

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1 comment:

  1. This will have no effect. The bills will be changed to read the OFFICIAL birth certificate, not the original, or the courts will order the states to accept the official.

    That is because under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution every state must accept another state's official birth certificate. And Obama has already shown his official birth certificate.