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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 bill could kill Obamacare, NEA, PBS, NPR, abortion $

Freezing debt limit would require 40% cut: 'All bad programs would have to go'

IRS, EPA, TSA, DEA, DHS, Federal Reserve, all need to go!

WASHINGTON – Who says you can't fix Washington's overspending problems, inattention to constitutional limits on power and political pet programs like funding of left-wing media and the biggest abortion provider in the world?

There's one bill that will be voted on soon in Washington that could bring an end to it all, says the organizer of a national grass-roots lobbying campaign catching fire, and only House Republicans are needed to make it a reality.

"We're talking about the most important piece of legislation in the nation's capital in decades," says WND founder Joseph Farah, who organized the "No More Red Ink" campaign to defeat efforts to raise the debt limit and force a 40 percent contraction of federal spending this year. "This is the tactical nuclear weapon that Republicans and Republicans alone can wield this year to rid the budget of every unconstitutional program and department and agency in one fell swoop."

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