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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wall Street president

Obama appoints JP Morgan executive as Chief of Staff

– “He’s a stone-cold liar.”

– “How does Obama get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror and not cry in embarrassment and shame?  As an American myself, I am deeply embarrassed by this idiot who’s totally in the service of the bankers.”

This was in reference to the appointment of JP Morgan Vice-Chairman, William Daley, as Obama’s Chief of Staff.  But the specific occasion or reference for Max’s comment doesn’t really matter.  And it’s a moot point, anyway.  Obama clearly has no shame.  His bowing to foreign heads of state, which conservatives have made much hay over, may be regrettable, but what he’s done for the bankers is just obscene.  I’m not at all surprised by the appointment of a JP Morgan executive to replace Rahm Emanuel.

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