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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PRAVDA: Blackswift, hypersonic aircraft, seen as Russian, Chinese counter threat

Blackswift: USA's response to threats from China and Russia

43084.jpegThe United States decided to breathe new life into the previously frozen project of Blackswift hypersonic aircraft. The Pentagon has been dreaming lately about the appearance of non-nuclear weapons, which could quickly (within two hours) strike any object in any part of the globe.

Such ideas appeared during the Cold War era, although they were mostly about the creation of hypersonic missiles. According to DARPA, the Pentagon planned to have such weapons ready already in 2010. It goes about the building of the so-called Common Aero Vehicle flying bomb, which would carry a 450-kilo warhead and be capable of striking targets within the radius of 5,500 kilometers. The USA tested hypersonic missiles in May of 2010

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