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Friday, January 14, 2011

Oklahoma Homeland Security’s Says ‘Controversial Debate’ Suspicious Behavior

Fascist regimes have always used ‘citizen spying’ to keep tabs on its subjects

Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security has started a new initiative ‘Red Dirt Ready’ to induct neighbors into a spy program that will serve to report on suspicious behavior.

Under the guise of natural disaster preparedness, the program eventually reveals its real agenda in the site section titled ‘report activity’. As defined by the website under the section heading ‘how to identify suspicious behavior’, an indication of potential concern is neighbors debating controversial issues.

Following this pointed definition, there is a reiteration of the concept that terrorists cannot be identified by appearance, nationality, language, age or sex. Calling on similar rhetoric used in publications like the MIAC Report, this reference is meant to expand citizen paranoia to include everyone.

Fascist regimes have always used ‘citizen spying’ to keep tabs on its subjects. Neighbors reporting on neighbors is a highly successful tactic used to bifurcate community and shatter the solidarity shared by patriots.

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