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Monday, January 17, 2011

Contact and Faxing Information for Congress and Petitions

LorettaSilviaEstrella's Blog

Contact and Faxing Information for Congress and Petitions

Posted by LorettaSilviaEstrella 8 minutes ago

In my searching the following is the list that I have come up with of sites where you can get information, respond to petitions, support a bill and reject a bill.  Email is an essential tool, phoning is also because someone has to pick up the receiver, and faxing is the most tedious because these machines run all night and they come in to our 'Good Morning Congressman' message.


Send Fax To Lawmakers - Stop the REID Filibuster Rule Change!

Grassfire Nation - Repeal Obamacare

National Right to Work Committee Repeal Obamacare

ACLJ  Repeal ObamaCare House Vote January 19 - Freedom is a FAX Blast Away!


Find and contact your Congress members by phone, email or fax at Congress Merge

Welcome to the 112th Congress.  Let's see who can outlast who!!  Please distribute to one and all.

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