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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dumbed down: School Sign Has Spelling Error

It’s already been ‘corrected’ once!

Sign On Gate To Elementary Playground

DENVER -- The children at Ellis Elementary School are getting a poor lesson in spelling. A sign on the gate to the school's playground in Denver has a spelling error.

The sign at Ellis Elementary School said, "Shoes should be warn [sic] at all times on this artificial play surface," according to a photo sent to 7NEWS.

Ellis Elementary Principal Khoa Nguyen told 7NEWS he had not seen the sign himself. An office worker told 7NEWS she had told the school custodian about the problem.

A 7NEWS viewer said a close inspection of the sign shows the word "warn" has apparently been changed at least once before and is still wrong. 7NEWS called the school's facility manager to ask about previous work on the sign; that call has not been returned

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