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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thousands of British online banking customers have accounts emptied by 'most dangerous trojan virus ever created'

The latest virus is a variant of the Zeus trojan banking virus which first emerged three years ago and is called Zeus v3. 

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:32 PM on 11th August 2010

  • Trojan is still at large and may strike again, experts warn
  • Bank affected has still not been named

Thousands of British online banking customers have fallen victim to a sophisticated attack by cyber criminals who have stolen thousands of pounds from their accounts.

About 3,000 online banking customers have been victims of a computer virus attack that empties their accounts while showing them fake statements so the scam goes undetected.

Experts have described the attack using a 'trojan' virus as the most sophisticated and dangerous malware program ever created.

The cyber criminals stole an estimated £675,000 between July 5 and August 4 and the attack is still progressing, experts warn.

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