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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A funny thing happened on the road to recovery

Gerald Celente : there is no economic recovery

...Current events form future trends , and most Americans are not unfortunately globaly focused , so for example what's going on in Kyrgyzstan with the civil war going on in central Asia , ...what's the importance of it ? well the United States has there uses their airfields as staging ground to bring supplies into Afghanistan and the material what's that going to mean for that operation and most importantly it is also a battle between US and Russia ....( Kyrgyzstan was a former Soviet satellite ) have revolts going on in Romania protests in Greece , they're going to be building in Spain and Portugal ...we're talking about more austerity measures in the UK ...etc...if Greece defaults on its debt it is the french and Germans who are going to lose their money says Trends master Gerald Celente ....

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