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Friday, December 27, 2013

Environmentalists whackos can’t be happy with this ‘hook ‘em horns’ Fracking report

American ingenuity is putting a damper on the new world order’s implementation. Their plan to destroy our economy by driving up the costs of oil products, among other things, has been a big part of that but America has drastically increased it’s domestic output of oil and gas through innovative techniques. Fracking is one of them.

America is rich in oil deposits but until recently much of it was out of reach because it wasn't cost effective to bring it up out of the ground and the government has put much of the easy to get to oil off limits due to the environmentalists.

The environmentalists whackos, organized and funded by the NWO elite, have been frantically trying to stop the fracking by claiming it is bad for the environment. This study, done by the University of Texas, adds to a growing list of studies disputes their claims. This one even suggests that fracking is beneficial to ‘mother earth’!   

Fracktivists weep: Fracking saves water and prevents droughts, says study

By Ashe Schow

Despite claims from anti-fracking activists that hydraulic fracturing contaminates ground water, a new study by the University of Texas found the process actually saves water and prevents droughts.

“The bottom line is that hydraulic fracturing, by boosting natural gas production and moving the state from water-intensive coal technologies, makes our electric power system more drought-resilient,” Bridget Scanlon, senior research scientist at UT’s Bureau of Economic Geology, said.

For every gallon of water used by fracking, Texas saved 33 gallons by using that water to produce electricity from natural gas instead of coal.

Forty-five percent of Texas' energy comes from natural gas now, while coal has dropped to 35 percent. The remaining 20 percent comes from wind and nuclear.


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