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Friday, December 27, 2013

Alaska Airlines crews called in sick with ‘the flu’ causing the cancellations of 24 flights—flu or Fukushima?

This article was posted on the Before It’s News website. I was suspicious myself when I saw the story of these cancellations on the news.

You’ll find several articles on this site showing elevated radiation levels recorded all over the North American continent since a few weeks after the nuclear plant meltdown in Japan. The radiation levels increased starting on the West coast and subsequently spreading all the way to the East coast. 

Inside Info: Alaska Air’s Been Fuked! Cancellations Due To Fukushima Radiation Rather Than The Flu?

(Before It's News) Thursday, December 26, 2013 6:20

Before It’s News has recently received the following tip from a confidential source who asked that we get this information out to the public. In light of recent cancellations of airline flights out of Alaska, Oregon and Washington state, was there another reason behind those cancellations besides what we have already been told? While the official word is that ‘the flu’ has struck Alaska Airlines crews, causing the cancellations of 24 flights, we have been informed that the real reason that crew members have called in sick has been due to fears of high levels of radiation in the air, as confirmed by this recent story that hot particles are now in the lungs of Americans, especially in Seattle, via an Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds. That same story shared with us that helicopters conducted secret flights to do surveys of the amount of radiation in the air and adds credence to more secretive military flights that were conducted just days ago and shared below.

On December 23rd, flights out of Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon returned to their airports as shared in the first video below from Mary Greeley. That very same day, there was also very strange military aircraft activity in the exact same area as shared in the 2nd video below from Mary. Were these military flights actually ‘radiation detection’ flights and did the Alaska Air crews get the word of high levels of radiation from confidential military sources? What would happen to the airline industry if Americans were to find out that flight crews of planes are calling in sick on days they find out that radiation levels in the upper atmosphere were extremely high? This would not be the first time that Alaska Air crews have been struck with illnesses due to Fukushima radiation as shared in the 3rd and 4th videos below when hundreds of Alaska Air flight attendants were struck with mysterious illnesses causing them to lose their hair and sustain unusual rashes, each of those symptoms being signs of radiation poisoning. Who could blame these same flight attendents for calling out sick when finding out that dangerously high levels of radiation were in the air again?


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