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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ominous things occurring in the economic arena

The Dow is up for the year but since the middle of June has taken a huge dip. Same thing for Gold and Silver. Silver was in the $17.00 range 5 or 6 years ago, went to as high as $38.00 and in the last half of June took a dive. Just a day or 2 ago it dropped to just over $18.00.

I recently read a piece by a self-proclaimed insider that you could determine when the endgame had started by looking at the gold and silver markets. The new world order types would initiate the endgame with an economic collapse beginning with precious metals.

The precious metals slide would then create havoc in the rest of the markets, stocks, bonds, etc., resulting in the greatest economic crash of all time setting the stage for martial law and you know the rest of the story. Is that what is indicated in the stories below? Has it begun?

Banks sell record sums of US debt...


Investors pull $23.3 billion out of funds -- in week...

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