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Friday, June 28, 2013

Iceland's revolution that you haven’t heard about

The following article from ‘Idiocracy or Enlightenment?’ website is about what happened in Iceland after the crash of 2008. Their government, like ours, bailed out the banksters but unlike us they didn’t stand for it. They overthrew the government!

Why is this not news, why is this not big news? You know why! The media is owned by the elites that planned the collapse which was a massive redistribution of wealth from taxpaying Citizens to them.

They don’t want you to know this, they don’t want you to get the idea that you could do this too. 

Why [NO] Iceland? They’re Having a Revolution!

Pondering on the “Where’s Snowdo?” situation, I wondered “Why Iceland?”, Iceland was the first place Snowden originally wanted safe haven. One might look at the events below, and be inspired that peaceful solutions can actually exist.

The People of Iceland on Parliament lawn

In an age where a farmer in Africa can hold in his hand more information access than Ronald Reagan had in the Situation Room, would you believe the worlds 13th most developed nation and one of humanities oldest Democracies could have a revolution, oust the parliament, bring up their Prime Minister on criminal charges, then crowd source their new constitution to ALL the people over the internet; and you haven’t heard about it for 4 years? Well it is in process, right now and it began in 2008.  I’m betting (like me) you never heard about it either… get a load of this:

In Iceland, the people made the government resign, essentially after their country was bought out by a bail out. One that was never voted on, or even had special session to decide. Iceland’s primary banks Landsbanki, Kaupthing and Glitnir were nationalized with money from Great Britain and Holland. The establishment’s buy out was rejected by the people and the prime minister brought up on criminal charges for allowing it to happen without consent.

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