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Friday, May 29, 2015

Leaked information revealed by a mason

 Leaked information revealed by a mason

Recently i was taking a job and the very friendly boss began telling me about his membership in the freemasons. He showed me his gold ring with the symbol, and various photos of the lodge showing Egyptian images around the wall and ceiling. For some reason he thought i might be interested in becoming a member, to which i encouraged. 

He continued to show me masonic things, like his masonic twitter account that listed Seth Rogan as a member, and a photo of the lodge doors he said are called the two pillars - and that 9/11 was an example the two towers or two pillars being destroyed for the rise of a new world. 

He continued with examples of lord of the rings that had the all seeing eye demonstrative of the masonic presence and implications, such as the two towers echoing the event of 9/11, as well as the return of the king, implying a new world order. 

He also casually gave dates to certain future happenings, from the well known 2016 american economic collapse, to one i had not yet heard and was alarmed to most personally, due to the fact i myself live in this country, that by 2018 Australia's economy will collapse. And by then or soon to come after this time, we the west, will be at war with North Korea. 

Obviously i didn't take the job after learning about this, though i could have kept working for him in order to learn more, but he didn't seem to know much more or reveal more unless i joined and became a member. Before i met this guy, all these theories of the nwo was just speculation, though now it's first hand knowledge from the horses mouth. The question is, what can be done in advance now that i know Australia is as screwed as America? move overseas?...but to where..

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