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Thursday, October 23, 2014


This is a bombshell. The implications are staggering. The holocaust was a false flag, a planned event to make the creation of the State of Israel a possibility. A black ops type psychological operation preceded it, the figure 6 million was planted in the public's mind during the decade preceding the holocaust.  The idea that the Jews were facing a holocaust was mentioned 4 years before the idea came to Hitler. Who would do such a thing? It has to do with the so-called new world order. The Balfour Declaration was addressed to one lord Rothschild!

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  1. 4,000 every day for 4 full years would have had to be exterminated to equal 6,000,000. People were so conditioned to the number that no one questioned it, well, virtually no one. I never questioned the figure until now. I know many were systematically killed but so were other groups. There was this idea that they were a super race, or, if you will, a chosen race! So all who weren't Aryan were to be slaves or exterminated, not just Jews. How ironic is that? Interestingly, the Jewish World Congress declared war on Hitler with a call for all Jews worldwide to boycott Germany before Hitler declared war on the Jews. Now it's looking like Hitler was intentionally provoked to act against the Jews: